NQA-1 Suppliers

NQA-1:2019 standard requirements

Our purchase orders will contain full and complete descriptions, technical information such as part numbers, specifications, revision numbers and include any quality or business requirements needed (e.g. documentation, certification, delivery instructions, special handling, methods, processes or equipment, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact the purchaser asap.

As appropriate to the situation, additional will be communicated as needed, including:

  • Competence of personnel,
  • Methods for vendors interactions with Cooper,
  • Control and monitoring of the performance and verification and validation activities,
  • Quality assurance program requirements.

Other additional requirements will be added as needed.  These requirements will be consistent with the importance and complexity of the item or service being procured.

If the supplier flows down or outsources any activities, all quality assurance, business, and other contractual obligations will be flowed to the sub tier supplier in the supplier’s purchasing documentation.

If the supplier flows down or outsources any activities, the suppler and sub tier supplier will allow access to the supplier or sub tier supplier facilities for review of records, inspections, or audits by Cooper Fire Protection Services.

The supplier is required to report all nonconformances during manufacturing of purchased product.  No sub specification items will be accepted without full disclosure of nonconformance information.

The Supplier will identify spare and replacement parts or assemblies and the related data required when ordering parts.